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TROBOT 2.0 & 3.0

Whatever you make it.

The TROBOT is a miniature six-axis articulated robot, modeled after large industrial & assembly line robots. The TROBOT is designed to be a small ’relatively’ safe robot, capable of safely working alongside human counterparts. I’ve worked with industrial robots for over 15 years and those large, heavy, fast, machines (that move thousands of pounds around effortlessly) require strict rules and safeguarding procedures because they are dangerous. The TROBOT simply does not have enough power to cause serious bodily harm. If you get in its way, it may hurt a little, but it won't squash you!

These versions of the TROBOT were built on a very tight budget, the entire project material costs were under $100. 


Complete project documentaiton and source code can be found here:

See a Demo Video Here:  What is TROBOT?

My YouTube channel has a variety of other project videos as well:  http://www.youtube.com/tbaumg



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Nice project. Good luck with the kickstarter effort for TOBOT 4.0!


Thanks, I have an article appearing in Circuit Cellar magazine about it next month, I hope that helps get me over the goal.  I'm anxious to start building it.