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my tank bot the begining

hopefully soon navigate via ultra sound or r/c

tank and r/chello everyone im new here. Im making my first robot (kinda of) i made a sumovore but it doesnt work :( but about this robot...ive only just started and im running into problems already; treads ripped twice which i have glued back together i have the sprocket above the tread because without this the tread is too loose and the servos i bought arent continuos rotation so what i did was i clipped off the thing that was blocking it from fully rotating this is the only thing ive changed of the servos i hope it will not be much of a problem i bought everything you see at a local hobbytown. now about what this is going to do i cant decide whether to make this robot r/c or not the problem with autonomous is that i want this to treverse obstacles rather than avoid them. but i dont know what to buy or how i would put it together to make it r/c. if anyone knows how to make this robot r/c or both r/c and auto., please tell me. i if i make this auto.,this is how i plan to do it. i will buy the adafruit motor shield and an arduino uno and a ping sensor. please tell me if this is all i need. i know how to put it together but i dont know if i have too much or not enough to complete this.

thank you

hello again im here with the the tanks new treads i managed to fix it without buying a whole tread set it looks much neater now. ive also went out and bought a new r/c car to ake apart :P but i dont think i will at the moment im having too much fun with it and it only cost about $15 i will upload a new video of this when i take apart the car

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You need an infrared or ultrasound sensor, attach the sensor to a servo hence enabling it look up and down , then you can come to know whether the object in front of it is a plane surface like a wall or a small object or a slope Hope you understood what i tried to tell you

Neat track configuration. I hope it works out well.

You will need to do more to convert your normal servos to continuous rotation. Search this site or elsewhere for instructions.

There are many examples on this site to show you how to connect an Arduino and motor driver to a Ping sensor. I'm pretty sure there are some examples of people keeping the RC capability in place as well. Did you want to switch back and forth automatically, or have it selectable via a switch?

i will look up what else i need to do to convert my servos and i was going to use a switch to change between r/c and autonomous

Epic! Please point me in the direction of this elegant solution. I'm getting tired of learning BASIC and C, ugh ;)

Welcome to the site. Good to see another socal face in the place.


ive completely destroyer the small spockets that rest above the treads trying to modify them :( i dont know what to do other than spend another $20 on the whole kit for 2 pieces so many things are going wrong here and i dont even have my micro controllers yet its going to be awhile..

Oh no! How'd you manage to do that?

Don't feel too bad, we all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them.

Agree with IG. Don't feel bad. I always feel those mistakes are valuable. You truly learned something from mistake isn't it? The good news for you is you only lose the small thingy there. I was building the bigger version of track system and it was a failure. I have to redesign whole thing all over again. (I spend $90 bucks for each belt.) Cheers~