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Suck small blobs

If you are working with tiny electronics, and made a soldering error - this might help :)

Recently I had to suck up some tin, tiny-tiny.. And my sucker was way too large.

I had a stroke, and came up with the thought of using a telescopic antenna :)

(See primary image)

Chris The Carpenter has shown us how to cut brass tube, so all there is left, is to decide which end is fitting into your sucker, and how thin you want the other end - and cut it appropriately, add some tape, and you can suck the small blobs!

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Neat idea. Did you find that the solder would make it all the way back into the sucker, or did it get stuck in the metal tube? That could make the telescoping solder sucker a one-use tool!

Well, it didn't get stuck, because it cools down, and you have to consider; This is working with extremely tiny portions of solder.

Tiny, tiny! In fact, I do not know where they went! :D That tiny. A little grain gathered around the edges of the tube, but that was just pushed off with a finger.

At any rate, I do not recommend this for a permanent sollution - but when you are facing tiny-suction-needs, this might come in handy :)

For stuff as tiny as this, i recommend desoldering braid. Also be careful when the that sucker strikes, you don't want to damage any pads on that Mikrokopter navigation controller ;) 


I use the solder wick as well. After using both methods (pump/wick) I find the wick easier, and cleaner.


I have an idea.

How bout using one of these


I have 4 of them and use them for small items.

The telfon tip prevents me from doing any damage to the boards.