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Picaxe Overheating

As soon as I add power to my Picaxe 28x1 board, everthing overheats. Besides just it being a bad board, the only other reason I can think of that would cause that, is that I turned on the board (4.5 volts) before I had put the microcontroller in its socket. If, in fact, everyone thinks this is the board malfunctioning, then, do you also think solarbotcis would give me a refund? lol

As I'm sure this question has been asked many many many times, a link to one of them (prefferably answered) will suffice :)

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What kind of board? Link?

You said 4.5v, what kind of battery pack? Are you sure it is 4.5v? Sure your polarity is right? What else do you have plugged in? Is the chip in backward?

We can't do anything until we can see what you are doing.

Post a CLEAR, IN FOCUS, picture of what you have hooked up and we can help.

Don't finish your sentences with "lol" when asking questions.

Well... since my camera's broken right now, I'll do my best to describe it.

1: It's a Picaxe 28x1, and it's the only board in the setup, so no link.

2: Non-rechargeable AAA's, and they read about 4.2 on my multimeter. The polarity is fine. Nothing is plugged into the board right now, and the chip isn't in backward.

Sorry for not being able to provide a picture.. 

Is this your board ?


Try measuring the resistance between ground and positive voltage with an ohm meter without the chips in the board . If it's very low , like 10 ohms or less , then look for solder bridges . You say everything is overheating but you have no chips plugged in . Does that mean the traces on the board or the resistors are getting hot ? Good luck .


I always correct my own mistake: swapping positive and negative power supply. I reversed polarity on my picaxes many many times, but never destroyed a single one. Now I have a (good!) habit of always trying to singe my finger tip on my chips after plugging in the battery.

Polarity reversal sometimes is the result of sticking your chip in the socket up side down.

I did have the polarity mixed up... thanks for all of your help, I have it figured out now.