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500 Piece Resistor Pack

Vendor's Description: 

Resistors. In an irresistible, money-saving assortment. Save money with this assortment of 500 ¼-watt fixed carbon film resistors with 5% tolerance. Find exactly what you need for a variety of projects. You'll find 30 each of 1k, 10k, and 100k; ten each of 1, 10, 100, 120, 150, 220, 330, 470, 560, 1.5k, 2.2k, 3.3k, 4.7k, 15k, 22k, 220k, 470k, 1meg, and 10meg; five each of 2.2, 15, 22, 33, 39, 47, 51, 68, 82, 180, 270, 390, 510, 680, 820, 1.2k, 1.8k, 2.7k, 3k, 3.9k, 5.1k, 5.6k, 6.8k, 8.2k, 12k, 18k, 27k, 33k, 39k, 51k, 56k, 68k, 82k, 120k, 150k, 180k, 270k, 330k, 1.5meg, 2.2meg, 3.3meg, and 4.7meg.

This really is a must for anyone getting into electronics.  I've seen people on this site post that they can't finish a circuit because they don't have the right resistor, or building attaching as many as 20 resistors in series to get the resistance they need for the job.  It's all kind of silly, really, considering you can get all the resistors you need and then some for relatively cheap.


This package was one of the first things I picked up from Radio Shack when I first started becoming interested in robotics and electronics, and it's proved to be extremely useful.  I have them all organized by resistance in a tackle box, which is handy.


Variations on this pack are sold by other vendors as well.  You can probably find something very similar on your favorite site for parts, or your local electronics store.

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I think I might get a pack

there's one here in sweden you can get from www.kjell.com that contains 610 resistors with 61 different values and 10 of each.

they go all the way from 10 ohm to 1 Mohm

costs 13 euro or something

futurlec had a 300-pack of assorted resistors for about $3, and I bought one. I can't seem to find it on their store though.


here it is http://www.futurlec.com/ValuePacks.shtml

lots of other cool stuff there too.

Holy crap ... they've got dirt cheap stuff on there.  Are they quality components?

I was wondering the same thing. Their solid state relays are half the price of what I'm seeing everywhere else.

I'm curious how long their stuff takes to ship, because I'm desperate for one that works up to 10A, and no one local has it. 

Hmm ... looks like this might not be the place to go for fast shipping.  Apparently it took someone 2 months to get their package.


It seems that this site isn't a scam or anything ... I haven't seen anyone saying they got ripped off.  But I have found reports online that say they never got their order (and where never charged) or the package took a long long time to arrive.  Basically it's just poorly managed. 

I ordered about $35 of stuff from futurlec, and it came in about a week and a half, with basic postage. I think they may have other shipping options as well. The components were well packaged and work great. They're not the most professional company, but they're pretty good.

The best deal on resistor packs I have seen is from Unicorn Electronics. Their Reskit3 package has 10 each of 161 different values of 1/4Wfor a total of 1,610 pcs for only $19.99USD. Domestic shipping is very reasonable. 


 Check them out at :  http://www.unicornelectronics.com/resistors.html     go to the very bottom of this page.

If you want a bunch for cheap, go with the futurlec package. If you want a high quality set, get the unicorn one.

Futurlec: $0.0081 per resistor

UnicornL $0.0124 per resistor