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inexpensive motherboard for linux

Hi there!

Is there anybody who knows an inexpensive motherboard yet powerful enough to be able to run Linux OS? I have already dicovered RoBoard and Mini-ITX motherboards, but I am looking for something else if there is any!

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Technologic Systems has decent linux single board computers.  Even the 200MHz ARMs will run full blown Debian Linux (Ubuntu is derived from Debian).  They also boot in about one second if running BusyBox.

You mentioned the ITX boards, I think these are a great bang for the buck, for $82 you get a motherboard and an Intel dual core 1.8GHz CPU, RAM not included.  Not well suited for small robots though.

read more here. Seems to be a real product soon. 

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We anticipate the device will be available to the general public later in 2011.

I want 10 of those ... :)

I really want to buy one or two. A wireless addition would be great.

The target price is only 25 USD? I cannot believe that!

Depends on which flavor of linux. if its a command line variant then it will need a lot less processing power than a full blown version like ubuntu (which until version 10 was awesome)

Indeed, I am interested in Xenomai distribution of linux to run just a terminal and have access to resources of the system. I have some experience with RoBoard which is based on Vortex86DX (1000 MHz). But I am looking for cheaper solutions to run my code.

It appears that xenomai should run on most platforms although my only linux experience so far has been with ubuntu versions 8, 10 and 11. mostly 8. 10 and 11 dont seem to like running from a persistant USB. took 40 mins to load 10 compared to 3 for 8. never worked out why and preffered 8's layout

You may want to look at bookcase formfactor computers. They run around 200 dollars, feature a full x86 processor (capable of running any OS), Atom processor, all you need is a hard drive.


Seems a good solution! Thanks for sharing the link...

Check out Beagle Boards;


and Gumxtix boards;