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inexpensive motherboard for linux

Hi there!

Is there anybody who knows an inexpensive motherboard yet powerful enough to be able to run Linux OS? I have already dicovered RoBoard and Mini-ITX motherboards, but I am looking for something else if there is any!

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Thanks for the links. Beagleboard seems to have the similar performance as RoBoard but Gumstix solution is different.

We are putting MyRobotLab on it.   It runs Linux has usb 2.0, wireless,  a FM radio, sound, a mic, even I2C apparently...

I visited the link you have provided, but I couldn't figure out what is the motherboard you are using...

Freescale iMX.233 processor running at 454 MHZ

64 MB onboard RAM

Comes with 1 GB uSD card with 100 MB Linux installation all ready to go

Dimensions are 3.9" (100mm) x 2.4" (60mm) x 0.375" (10mm)

3.3V I/O pins can talk to most sensors, motor drivers, etc. No struggling with 1.8V levels.

Low power, fanless CPU draws only 200 mA at 5V

Built-in Lithium Ion/Polymer battery charger and 5V boost converter for portable projects

Three USB ports!

1.9W mono speaker amplifier into 4ohm (0.1" JST onboard connector)

Microphone input (0.05" JST onboard connector)

LCD controller with 2mm output port

3.5mm A/V output jack with stereo audio and NTSC/PAL composite video

GPIO outputs on 0.1" header spacing, serial port, ADC's, PWM, GPIO, 4th USB port, all running at 3.3v logic

Quadrature encoder connections onboard

5-way joystick on-board

MMA7455 3-axis +-2G to +-8G accelerometer on-board

3.3V TTL serial port for easy shell access

Full GCC toolchain is ready for you to download and get crackin'!

Schematics, Gerbers and original layout files are at the Wiki

Here's a link to all the specs http://www.adafruit.com/products/278

I have to admit that it is inexpensive yet useful motherboard! I might puchase one for my experiences... Thank you!