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B.A.T. (Bluetooth Arduino Tank)

Arduino controlled (via bluetooth) tank
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I always wanted to control a tank through my PC or my mobile phone, so this is it....

I used an arduino with L293 h-bridge on a protoshield , a cheap bluetooth module and a RP5 tracked chassis for the robot.

In order to control it from my PC I asked a friend of mine to make a small program. So he used visual studio and made me the program, but I cannot find a way to upload it here ( it is an exe file). Finally, last week I  got my new cell phone (Galaxy ace), so I tried to make an application to control the tank from my android phone. I used the app inventor and with the help of App Inventor from O' Reilly Media http://oreilly.com/catalog/0636920016632 (chapter 12) I made a small simple app ( which also I cannot upload).

If any of you would like to use the program and the app you can download them from here: https://rapidshare.com/files/2694565666/Serial_Talk.rar ( the visual program that I use in the video) and https://rapidshare.com/files/3609254892/bluetooth_a.rar (the app), or from the attached files.



In this last video I use my android mobile phone to act as an ip camera. For this purpose I used the ip webcam application. Enjoy!!!! 

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Man, some of the stuff you guys make are just jaw dropping... Here I am can't even build a simple light seeking beam bot....

Hey, give the start here robot a try!

Very good idea and looks clean. I will have to take a look into your program since I am planning also to do soemthing with wireless communication to/from the robot.

If you pack the exe file into a zip  it should be possible to upload it.

Thank you very much lumi. I had all the files in rar and did not see the zip option, now it's done.

....the same bluetooth module. Good job on your robot!

Well it's simple and above all very cheap..... Did you make the app or found it? Mine is really simple while yours really impressive....

Mine is not any more impessive than yours, as you actually made the app yourself! I downloaded "Blue Control" from android market. It's on-screen buttons sends a fixed character at every key-press, ie. "down" arrow sends the "D" character, "up" arrow sends "U" character, and so on. Do you know any AVR? If so, see the "//Serial com. Interrupt Service Routine" in the code at http://sandakerpalm.no/blog/projects/bluetooth-controlled-dc-motor/.

If I knew the Blue Control app before I wouldn't bother making mine..... Well I tested it but I think I will stick with mine and further develop  it! I visited your site before, unfortunately I know nothing about AVR.... Thank you very much though!!!!!!

I know you said you would further develop your application, and if you do, I am very interested to see how it turns out! Meanwhile, I thought I'd give you a hint on another app I found, called QkCtrl. I just started using it, really versatile with customized button setup and everything.

edit: this was supposed to be a reply to your post, not my own.

I'm loving the robot. How did you get the camera to your computer? wirelesss usb hub?