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B.A.T. (Bluetooth Arduino Tank)

Arduino controlled (via bluetooth) tank
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I always wanted to control a tank through my PC or my mobile phone, so this is it....

I used an arduino with L293 h-bridge on a protoshield , a cheap bluetooth module and a RP5 tracked chassis for the robot.

In order to control it from my PC I asked a friend of mine to make a small program. So he used visual studio and made me the program, but I cannot find a way to upload it here ( it is an exe file). Finally, last week I  got my new cell phone (Galaxy ace), so I tried to make an application to control the tank from my android phone. I used the app inventor and with the help of App Inventor from O' Reilly Media http://oreilly.com/catalog/0636920016632 (chapter 12) I made a small simple app ( which also I cannot upload).

If any of you would like to use the program and the app you can download them from here: https://rapidshare.com/files/2694565666/Serial_Talk.rar ( the visual program that I use in the video) and https://rapidshare.com/files/3609254892/bluetooth_a.rar (the app), or from the attached files.



In this last video I use my android mobile phone to act as an ip camera. For this purpose I used the ip webcam application. Enjoy!!!! 

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Thank you very much lumi. I had all the files in rar and did not see the zip option, now it's done.

Man, some of the stuff you guys make are just jaw dropping... Here I am can't even build a simple light seeking beam bot....

Hey, give the start here robot a try!