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Tamiya Twin Motor Gearbox with Wireless Remote Control Help!!!!!


There is this question that i have been searching the net for the past few days  but without any results

Is there anyway we can connect the twin motor gearbox from tamiya to a wireless remote control directly without any usage of programming and servos needed?

Please help


Thanks a million 

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Thanks Mr Clean

I would try to be more specific this time. First of all, I'm a Design and Technology teacher

My objective is to create a simple plastic car which the students (age 12) can make by themselves.

However, I would like them to use a Tamiya 4 speed twin motor as I would like to spice things up for them

Thus for those students who are interested in taking part in a competition end of next year,

I would try if possible to connect a receiver or something to the 4 speed twin motor directly (the current transmitter i have is a RC transmitter that ESKY use to fly their helicopter lama V3.

I'm thinking if i can make a simple receiver that can be used onto the motor so that they can move the car they make wirelessly.

However, due to budget constraints and i do not want the students to spend too much money, the receiver must be able to take out easily from one car to another without much hassle so that 2 cars can compete at one time and 2 cars can be assembled for the receiver at the same time then they switch the 1st 2 receiver onto another 2 cars later for upcoming fixtures


Hope that its clearer now


Thanks a lot 

Generally, RC receivers only do one thing : generate 1 to 2 millisecond pulses every 20 milliseconds to signal the servos or additional electronics what to do. Additionally, the electrical charecteristics of a receiver are such that they would not have enough current to supply the Tamiya motors directly and could burn out trying to do so.

I don't know about the ESky receivers, as documentation seems scant. It appears they can speed control 2 motors through FETs on an board, but not reversing the motors. I can't find if these receivers are even available seperately from a heli. 


Yes in short

Make a simple RC car

Thanks but with parts easily available at my side (like making use of Tamiya Motor)