Let's Make Robots!

B.I.L. (Because I'm Lazy)

To start, I'd like to say this is my first robot, but, since I had electronic- experience, and so many people have done the SHR, and I had a good idea, B.I.L. was born! Also, I'm sorry for not posting my progress, got caught up in the moment i geuss :)

The plan was (is) to make a robot that can go somewhere (down the hall, across the room, across my desk, etc.) and retrieve something for me, and be controlled via  my T.V. remote (actully, now I'm thinking it'd be better to have it be radio- controlled; I wont have to worry about line-of-sight and slow data transmission :D)

Not much to say, except that I had a little trouble getting the treads tight, and cannot work on the IR control, as I don't have a pull- up resistor (yet) :(

Here's some more pictures:

Sorry for the quality of the pictures... more updates and videos to come soon.


Instead of IR communication, which i couldn't get to work, I've decided to use these RF modules:



I think this will be faster and I won't have to worry about line-of-sight.

I'm pretty sure this would be how to connect the reciever to my 28x board:

I'm not going to post a picture for my 20x2 picaxe chip-setup, becuase it is so simple.. data to input 6, Vcc to +3v, Ground to Ground.

P.S. I think that I wouldn't need an antenna for either modules, but please correct me if I'm wrong.








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I was half- thinking that it might be just a term used with the use of the resistor, but I wasn't sure.. is there any special way I have to wire it up?

Well, Radioshack didn't have them.. had no idea what pull- up resistors were :(

If the Radioshack you went to has resistors then they probably have some high value ones you can use as a pull up resistor. The term "pull-up resistor" does not mean it is a special kind of component. It is just a resistor. Next time ask for a 10K resistor. No need to mention to them that it is a pull up resistor. 

Thats a relief.. I really didn't want to have to order one :)

Great first robot ! Keep it going =)

Radio Shack should carry pull-up resistors. What you want is a resistor that is about 10K but really any large value will do (sometimes I use 1K). The resistor just needs to be a high value so that the voltage drop across it will be significant enough to keep your I/O pin in an ON state.