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butler bot

 i have this idea for a butler bot. inspired by Norrislabs (BDS) beverage delivery system http://norrislabs.com/.  it will have 1 propeller board it will handle motion, the sensors and a slave for bat lvl temp snsor and controlling the peltier units. it wil have 2 window up/down motors with a h-bridge for each. it will be powered by 2 12v bats for the motion and a 7.2 bat for the prop boards and speakers. the whole thing should be about 4 ft tall.the fridge should hold 3 sodas depending on the size. the fridge wil be cooled by 2 peltier units one on top on on bottom.

update:ordered the prop proto board,ir sensors

got the proto board..progres on butler bot will be slow learning a new language is fun

decided on the shell...2 clothes hampers

getting ready to post it as a work in progres

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I have never used a propeller microcontroller, but do you really need 3 microcontrollers for this bot? You could probably get away with just one FEZ Panda II to do all this stuff. And have a RTC, micro SD card and USB host capabilities as well.

i realized what i said and decides to add a 2gb mem card on the 1 prop. after reading about the propeller i realized that it has eight cogs on a single cog so one should safice.

thank you for pointing that out