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S-BOT-i (spotty)

Hi All

I'm very new to robotics. Love all the robots you guys have made ........ very talented.

Have been programming OpenGL API with C++ for the last 10 years as a hobby ( taking some time off in the middle to spend time with the proggs ). Then as I was on a long bicycle ride I was listening to "Stuff to blow your mind" Podcast and it was about robotics and AI this was 4 weeks ago ............ after a little research some trial and error here I am with my first bot. The Coding was the easy part for me, as for the electronics .......... still learning!!

Bot is at just starting out going to add another Sonar so that it just drives around objects instead of stopping to make a choice of what dirrection to head. Going to add an Accelerometer and speaker to give it more of a personallity with beeps and the like. Also will be adding some light sensors so it will head towards the brightest area or a torch.

Anyway all in the pipeline ...... also the kids want to decorate it in fur and call it "Spotty"  :)

Cheers Jimmer

21/06/11 just a quick update.

Waiting on some parts to arrive then it should be full steam ahead with putting this thing back together ... in the mean time have been tinkering with L.D.Rs , an 8 ohm speaker and some dance moves.!


 23rd June Update.

While I was testing S-BOT-i in the living room I noticed that my Pet Bearded Dragon was freaking out at the ultrasonic sensor!!Maybe it's a similar sound to a cricket ? I'll post a vid when I get the chance.

Bit of a downer. I think the right motor is on it's way out, Bot is now pushing more on the left wheel and making it turn in a large arc. I have compensated for this a little with the coding by running the left motor at a slightly slower rate, but I think it's only a matter of time before it goes completely.


24th June Update

Got all my new parts now. Not put it all tegether yet having a very busy weekend as it's my boys 5th birthday will get it all together on Monday then start getting into the programming.



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Haha, that was the name of Data's cat! Your kids are Star Trek fans?

Cool little guy and I am sure you will find some more cool stuff to give him a bit more sense of his enviroment...but no fur...please promise :-)))

Kids aren't really old enough for Star Trek ... Spot for a name was their idea though so dunno!!

Can't promise on the "no fur" ......... sorry ........ I have my duty as a father to think of :D

.... oh and did I say maybe a wagging tail !!!

.... floppy ears?

.... whiskers?


Haha, never mind, just let them decide ;-) and then show us the result...i am sure it will be a great little bot...

Nice work on the little guy.  I must say he moves nice and quick!  Can't wait to see some more future projects :)

cheers Quenel ... just waiting on some parts to expand it more.

I can't say as I see a need for a second sonar sensor. I would also only like to mention that, a 9v battery, while compact, is not a great power source for bots in general. AA's or AAA's take up more space, but, have better energy density.

did notice that 9v lose power quicker than AAs will have to look into the slight re-design.

Cheers for the tip


Hi Birdmun

how do Polymer Lithium Ion Batteries compare to AAs or AAAs?


Have impressive energy density and offer great charge/discharge profiles. You could look at http://www.ladyada.net/learn/lipoly/ for an overview of what to look for and expect.


 We are opposte. My programming sucks but electronics is my secong language. I like the quick moves.