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Electronic Smoke Module

Hi guys!


Tonight I was browsing the internet and came across an old toy robot that I had when I was a lot younger.  I then remembered that this robot basically drove around in different directions as smoke was coming from its mouth. After a little research, I found the same toy that I once had however this got me wondering if it would be possible to do something similar on one of my own robots.


After a little more research, All I could find about the topic was that it had something to do with vegetable oil i beleive?

Is there such a thing as a small smoke module or would it be possible to re-create this effect some how?

Any further information would be great help!

Thanks Guys! :)

- I  also found this video just so we are all on the same page :)

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Gareth used one of these to show off some lasers... I think you are looking for the device that produces "fog" from a fountain or pond. I think they use some sorta ultarsonic shaking device that vaporizes the water.

What i used was a "Fogger" ...... its meant to be dangled in a pond to give a surface mist.

It is pretty efficient - basically its a piezoelectric element that vibrates the water at such a rate that it causes it to vaporize giving a cold dense mist ...... minimum requirements :- cup of water so the element is at least 2cm under water (colder the better)  .

Better solutions would be with as you said vegetable oil (glycerin) and some form of "Glow plug" to burn the oil (i had a model train that did the same).

Another solution would be to hack one of the latest "Fad" electronic smoking cigarettes (Wiki)

The model train hobby uses smoke generators in model engines . Here is a link to a site listing a couple with voltage and current requirements.


The HO scale unit is  rated
Seuthe #9 Smoke Unit.
8 - 14v AC/DC @ 140mA.