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Electronic Smoke Module

Hi guys!


Tonight I was browsing the internet and came across an old toy robot that I had when I was a lot younger.  I then remembered that this robot basically drove around in different directions as smoke was coming from its mouth. After a little research, I found the same toy that I once had however this got me wondering if it would be possible to do something similar on one of my own robots.


After a little more research, All I could find about the topic was that it had something to do with vegetable oil i beleive?

Is there such a thing as a small smoke module or would it be possible to re-create this effect some how?

Any further information would be great help!

Thanks Guys! :)

- I  also found this video just so we are all on the same page :)

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The model train hobby uses smoke generators in model engines . Here is a link to a site listing a couple with voltage and current requirements.


The HO scale unit is  rated
Seuthe #9 Smoke Unit.
8 - 14v AC/DC @ 140mA.

Gareth used one of these to show off some lasers... I think you are looking for the device that produces "fog" from a fountain or pond. I think they use some sorta ultarsonic shaking device that vaporizes the water.