Let's Make Robots!

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jgc146's picture

I watched the videos with the sound off and it looked as if it should THUD whan it walks.

nice bot in an UGLY kinda way!

Tman's picture

Those feet of his are actually bases from low voltage garden lights.  This quadruped doesn't have a very good center balance when one leg is off the ground, so I enhanced his balance by giving him wider and flatter feet.  The result is a better platform to mess around with creep gaits.  The other result is a 'clup...clup...clup' sound rather than a thud when he walks about.  Too funny.  Thanks for the comment. 

Tman's picture

Yes, he is beautiful in an UGLY way.  Burned out a lot of servos till I figured out this bot's gait.  Thanks again.

Korel's picture

Great looking bot my friend, I like the look of his head and smooth walk. Thanks for sharing :)