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As Simple As It GETS...

Just spins toward the amusement of its creator

This simple motor is as simple as it gets. It's also how we can all make short circuits legitimate entertainment. I truly need to get out more. I added one additional vid showing how wire geometry alters the general appearance and performance of this gizmo.  This post was moved from my collection of robots. I'm still fairly new around here. Needless to say, this belongs in Something Else. 

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Thanks for straighten things out :)  This is great stuff again my friend. Is this a magnet that you're using as for a stand,can you explain please. Love those kind of scientific things.

The column is actually made up by stacking magnets and the base the column is setting on is one half of a button shell.  Too many magnets, however, seem to drain the battery quicker.  the last vid I included seems to be the most efficient.  Thanks for the comment.

Yes actualy the one on the botom video looks cool. One earth magnet should do I think, I will try this for sure. Thanks for sharing :)

THis, and when I start reading old Donald Duck magazines, is when I just know that I ought to clean up my workshop - It's the ultimate sign of procrastination :D

we should always leave a certain amount of mess in our workshops.  This is how tinkerers mark our territory while insuring we have spare parts for gizmos that serve no useful purpose.