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track wheel set and twin motor gearbox

hi guys!i have my arduino and the motor shield. the robot is in picture:


The problem is: when i start the two motors, they go for a few moments and then they block, but i dont' know why. they should go costantly. help plz:)

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Quick question. Does your arduino reset? If that is not the case then I would imagine we will need some more information. It may be something as simple as your code doesn't do what you think it should be doing.

This is the code:


#include <AFMotor.h>

AF_DCMotor motor2(2, MOTOR12_64KHZ);
AF_DCMotor motor1(1, MOTOR12_64KHZ);
char message=0;
int FOT1 = 5;
int FOT2 = 4;

// this vars will be used in the loop function
int FOTVal1 = 0;
int FOTVal2 = 0;
int DiffVal=0;

void setup(){

void loop(){
    FOTVal1 = analogRead(FOT1); 
    FOTVal2 = analogRead(FOT2);
    // print LDR values into the console
    Serial.print("Differenza val");
    if (DiffVal<=75){
    if (FOTVal1<FOTVal2){
    if (FOTVal2<FOTVal1){


I think the problem is the external power supply for the motor shield. What battery i should use? i need to supply the small DC motors of the tamiya twin motor gearbox.


  • Have you determined that it is not a code issue?
  • What power source are you using?
  • Is the same power being used for data and motors?
  • Are the treads too tight?
  • Gears full of dog-hair?
  • Batteries full?
  • Battery voltage high enough above your volt reg requirements?
  • Are you trying to drive your robot straight down like that? --I think it is going to fall off the wall.

I think the problem is the power supply for the shield. i need to supply two small DC motors of the tamiya twin motor gearbox. what kind of battery i have to use?

I have a feeling that as soon as your motors start, they suck just enough power to brown-out (and reset) your arduino. Yes, I think you need a second battery for your gearbox. Check this, but I think they are around 6v units --4 AA's would probably be just fine.

thanks i would try it:)

I am guessing about the need for a second supply --You have not yet told us what you are using now.

for the motor shield supply i used a 9v battery but the motors seem to go very slow. maybe the battery is spoiled?

The 9v battery can not supply the current you need. Try 4-6 AA's instead.

Thanks a lot guys! it works:)