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Smart Robotic Arm – control system

Controling robotic arm with human hand

This is my project Robotic Arm control system. I can controll any robotic hand with my human hand, i only need to put glove on my hand and thats it. PIC16F877 is central processor it computes information from accelerometer and sends impulses to robotic arm. This arm can remember positions and then repeat. I can say, this arm can learn ! Sorry for my english, I'm form Coratia, and im 15 years old. You can se more info on links: http://www.elektronika.korisnik.com/moj-projekt-smart-robotic-arm/

In the begining

In the beginning

in the beginning

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Everything is on video !!!

Would it be possible to show the movements of the arm step by step?

Like wrist, elbow etc? I cannot see in the vid that you can actually control it precisely with your glove?