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conVERSE biped

Autonomous roaming using bipedal movement and 6-servos

This is a biped robot named conVERSE. This is a modified BRAT kit from Lynxmotion. A truly fun build, by the way. The Basic Atom Pro mounted onto a Bot Board is perfect for this sort of application and the robotic platform affords awesome stability and durability. The higher the servo torque, the better the movement.  the servos used for this bot are Hitec 422s.  The vids show conVERSE with a slow steady gait. I made some modifications to this bot, including the custom tailoring of a leisure suit for those special times when conVERSE steps out on the town in botSTYLE. He roams autonomously using a Sharp I.R. sensor and employs a small remote camera so the creator may view the world through conVERSE's eyes. Or should I say 'eye'.  Anyway, some of the vids may not be suitable for younger viewers since I included his early walking clips. You will note conVERSE had no clothes back then. There's plenty of code out there and the BRAT community has grown dramatically so there's lots of secondary research and data to rely upon when playing with this little fella.

Finally, his name came from one of my son's beat up sneakers.  I found one of the kid's Converse id tags lying on the floor and found it mounted nicely just under the I.R. sensor.  The result...this biped's name forever more will be conVERSE. 

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He does move like claymation doesn't he.  You must have kids to pick this analogy of tech movement.