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Dogcow + iPad

Drive around via iPad

Control a robot using your iOS device with ExternalAccessory framework using a SkyWire MFi cable, an RS232-TTL adapter and a pair of XBees!











The process begins with an App using the ExternalAccessory framework:

IMG_1749 - Version 4



Then goes through the SkyWire cable:

IMG_1747 - Version 2



RS232 is converted to TTL

: IMG_1752 - Version 2



Which is then sent through the XBee:

IMG_1757 - Version 2



The XBee is powered by 3.3V, using an Arduino as a simple power supply haha:

IMG_1758 - Version 2



And Dogcow receives with the XBee:

IMG_1741 - Version 2



Making this whole process really cool!

IMG_1764 - Version 2


Here are some resources that may be helpful:


Also, as per Technote #31:

Dogcows, by their nature, are not all dog, nor are they all cow, but they are a special genetic hybrid. They are rarely seen in the wild. Since dogcows are two dimensional, they will stand facing a viewer "on edge" to avoid being seen.

IMG_1736 - Version 2



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Why does it take a few seconds before the robot responds to the command sent by the ipad?

Is that because of the ipad?

It's because of the Arduino, there's no buffer purging and it is a little slow haha

Hey there,this is very cool :) love the idea of using the iPad. I would try that on my iPhone. Great and cute robot my friend. Thanks for sharing.

Nice robot and useful info . Any chace of adding sound ? I would like to hear what a dogcow sounds like .