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Some problem that I am running into with the website (no biggy)

So what is happening to me is that this problem, explained below, occurs on all of my web browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox). Running Mac OS X 10.6.7


Basically I start a new robot project and put some info and say a picture. It does not really matter what I put in the main body.



Then I choose a primary image.


Then I hit "upload" to upload the primary image and when I do that the toolbar goes away and the main body turns into code.


But all is ok because I hit the "preview" button and it is all normal again.


I am guessing it is something wrong with my system. I have been told you do not even have to hit the upload button. So this is not really an issue I guess. Just something I am experiencing. 

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I do have the same problem in Firefox on machines running Ubuntu and WinXP.

I had this problem today Aug 5th.

I also had display problems with the Seamonkey browser (which is basically Firefox's developer version)

I couldn't upload a picture with it. So I switched to regular Firefox and the files were actually uploaded, I just couldn't see them with Seamonkey.

I then tried to delete the extra copies and couldn't while using Firefox. It just gave a "file delete error".

I'll wait a day and try to delete them again.

No biggie.

I haven't had it, tried to reproduce it but had no succes, maybe I'm not doing it right :)
All I have, when using the site from work through a proxy and over an extremely high latency line, sometimes the site won't load or not correctly.
Just lost an update to my project because of that.
Serves me right for visiting LMR while at work :)

The same here, but as already said, it's not really dangerous but irritating ;-)


@OddBot: I am using no proxy when on LMR since my proxy also display LMR very starnge even don't want to open the pages. All other websites accessed with that proxy are working good...

I can set my proxy to open websited listed in the "no proxylist" without it...so no problem at all.

I have a similar problem with Windows XP and Firefox, Marcus mentioned the same thing and like you, hitting the preview button fixed it.

For some reason LMR and my proxyserver don't get along so well either. It works fine from a Los Angeles server but there are several that won't load LMR. Some of them used to. I suspect this is more to do with my proxy service but it is strange that the problem only occurs with LMR.

Hmm.. Yes, that is a strange bug, that I can reproduce, PatrickM!


* Hit "Disable rich-text", and hit it again - bug vanished.

* New version of LMR is under construction. New core = new bugs ;)