Let's Make Robots!


Apparently there exists a sum of (200$) to spend on producing LMR swag. So let us discuss and decide what to produce.


  • T-shirts
  • mugs
  • key-chains
  • iron on patches
  • stickers
  • USB flash drive
  • Laser pointer
  • LED flashlight (hack if you like for an IR or UV light)
  • Mini tool-kit, pocket knife, or screwdriver
  • Ruler or tape measure (in both Metric and English)
  • desk/wall calender with 12 of the best robots here in LMR
  • Base Ball caps with logo
  • Balloons
  • etc.. (anything you think of will be added)

What is needed from you is to decide what YOU would like to have. and perhaps suggest another things. only rule is that we should be able to plaster the LMR logo on the "thing" that you will suggest.

Original topic by Frits LINK .

Play good !

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It seems like t-shirts are the common denominator.

Now, do we have a design? Color options?

As it seems t-shirts are going to rule the voting that we will do soon.

I vote for t-shirts as well. Too bad they can not all be different. Would be cool if they had our user name and number. 

I think t-shirt is best, then mug. Everything else is neat but gets lost or forgotten about after a month.

Like the ones maker shed has except with stuff like "ALL LMR ARE BELONG TO US!" and "Let's make robots"

BaseBall caps with logo ..

... because the sun is bright when you have been working all-night (that rhymes) and have to face the reality of a sunny daytime.

... easy to flat pack - light and one size mostly fit all......(if not someone close by would inherit it for sure ;-)

I want a Mug for sure.  I'll even donate for one!♥

How about a desk/wall calender with 12 of the best robots here in LMR? Of course the cover page is the Yellow Drum Machine ;-)

This should not be that expensive and the rest of the money could be used as a price for a challenge (parts, tools etc.)

From a design perspective, I suppose you should first define the function and target market of said swag.  If it's indeed "free", you're not really going to procure that many articles (except perhaps stickers) for the given budget - especially since you're potentially shipping globally.  So who will get the limited items?  Is this a reward for your best and/or most prolific content-producers?  Is this something to send to other groups/distributors/vendors in a tit-for-tat trade?  Are these just freebies to get the website brand out to more of the robot-geek community?  Define the use/market for your swag, then you'll better know what that market might value.

Now if it's something that I can purchase, maybe my input is of value because I might want to buy it.  If it's something that you're giving away as appreciation for making this site super-awesome, then I'm not your target.  What would your top contributors want?  What would make them happy?

Do we make people pay shipping cost for free swag? Might make more sense in the end.