Let's Make Robots!


Apparently there exists a sum of (200$) to spend on producing LMR swag. So let us discuss and decide what to produce.


  • T-shirts
  • mugs
  • key-chains
  • iron on patches
  • stickers
  • USB flash drive
  • Laser pointer
  • LED flashlight (hack if you like for an IR or UV light)
  • Mini tool-kit, pocket knife, or screwdriver
  • Ruler or tape measure (in both Metric and English)
  • desk/wall calender with 12 of the best robots here in LMR
  • Base Ball caps with logo
  • Balloons
  • etc.. (anything you think of will be added)

What is needed from you is to decide what YOU would like to have. and perhaps suggest another things. only rule is that we should be able to plaster the LMR logo on the "thing" that you will suggest.

Original topic by Frits LINK .

Play good !

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After we sum up a good load of choices, we need to study the feasibility, cost, shipment of each and start the elimination process.

I like, roughly in order of preference:

  • mugs
  • t-shirts
  • key-chain

However, those are all pretty old school. I'd like to suggest we add to the list:

I found a wide variety of stuff at:


Sorry to throw more choices at you all!

Yes fritzl must have some shares with this company

not so much "puff" ..... but we cant give him too much control.........

Clothing. And a mug would be nice too.

I vote for T-shirts and stickers :P