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Audio - Process - Audio??

Guys I want to make a robot that can talk but before that I want to know how can voice be converted to text and then processed by some programming language and then the output is in the form is also audio?

For example if I say "5 + 2 = " I want a response "seven" (in audio)

I hope you guys understood what I wanted to tell.

Kindly help me with this, I will surely be grateful

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Depends how many commands you want to send. Speech recognizing software can do it and give you a feedback if understood right. MarkusB did it here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/25919

Not sure if you can do your math this way ;-) but why do you need a Microprocessor to calculate 5+2 ??? hahaha...

basically I want it to respond verbally to voice commands


me : HELLO

robot: Hey How are you?

me:Im good how are you?

roobot : IM FINE

it should not simply be giving answers , it should interpret and then answer

Thanks a lot you are definitely one high end guy, but that kit is really quite costly couldn't you have used that voice recognition software in you pc and some how transfer commands to the robot via xbee? I mean I don't know okay besides your the expert But I may consider that sr 06 kit Thanks!

Like GroG once said:

"You might consider Sphinx

I have it working with MyRobotLab - just a suggestion".

But if you want a stand alone app, I reccomand the sr 06 kit.