Let's Make Robots!

What will you do with 1600 euros.

Well my question is what will you do if someone has given you 1600 euros to buy everything you want but only robotics stuff?

Say your opinion and say why will you choose what you choosed .(for every single thing).

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flokos's picture

Finally I ordered my makerbot Thing-0-Matic after 2-3 weeks of thinking .

It will propably be shipped in 1 or 2 weeks .

I have already read the assembling instructions and I understood that it needs precision on what you are doing as Geir has told me .

Though ,I dont know what is the painters tape I saw that is a blue tape but cant find it in a Local shop propably because I dont know

how to ask for it (cause in greek this kind of tape must have another name ) .

Geir Andersen's picture

The tape people are using is this painter tape from 3M
I personally don’t use it. I print directly on the heated platform that is covered by several layers of thermal tape (it’s part of the kit)

flokos's picture

You mean the yellow one mentioned as an alternative in the instructions ?

Geir Andersen's picture

Yes that's the one

flokos's picture

I asked  the day before yesterday reprap central what the shipping will be because it is not counted in the total ammount and still no reply ...

flokos's picture

They replied but they said the fastest way for them  to send it to me is directly from the us rather than the uk .

I asked if it is possible to sent it through uk and they have not replied yet ...

chench's picture

On the one hand, a CNC machine. On the other, a load of Ax-12 servos for a big hexapod and an Android phone running ROS for its brain. Luckily I don't think I'll get to make that decision for a while!

Geir Andersen's picture

Hexapod with expensive servos are probably great fun for a while but after it’s built it will probably just sit on a shelf until you rip it apart and build something else.
A 3D printer on the other hand is a versatile tool, enabling you to build all sorts of great stuff.

chench's picture

True, but I don't think I'd ever run out of projects which need good servos. And while a 3D printer would make it a lot easier and quicker to make parts, I could probably fabricate most of those using wood, plastic, polymorph and epoxy, and for the cases where I could not there are websites offering 3D printing.

Geir Andersen's picture

Of course you could probably build anything ’old school’ :-) with Plexiglas, polymorph etc. But a 3D printer opens up a whole world of possibilities on how to design and build robots. And more importantly you can share your design and print out someone else design.