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What will you do with 1600 euros.

Well my question is what will you do if someone has given you 1600 euros to buy everything you want but only robotics stuff?

Say your opinion and say why will you choose what you choosed .(for every single thing).

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The link is to a Makerbot CupCake and not the Thing-O-Matic that I have.
I would recommend the ToM as I think it’s a better printer with the stepstruder that would save you a lot of frustration and grief.
I don’t think that the CupCake has an automated build platform.

Is there a place except robosavvy to buy it from europe?

I got mine from http://www.makerbot.com/

Did you pay any declaration bill ?

I’m from Norway (and we are not members of the EU) so I have to pay customs for both EU an US items. So yes I had to pay :-(

And how much was the bill ?

I mean if you paid  a declaration bill when you bought makerbot thingomatic which is being sold by an American company

"Makebot Industries" then I will have to pay too since I am in Greece which is part of EU.

Am I right?

They offer a big variety of 3d printers at reprapcentral:


They are UK based.

The prices are about the same with robosavyy so I will thing of it. Im still waiting Geir to tell me how much was the declaration bill

he paid .

The Norwegian MOMS (VAT) is very high and is probably much less at your place. We have to pay 25% of the item value and shipping cost.
So go for the UK based company.

How can I learn how much I will have to pay?