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What will you do with 1600 euros.

Well my question is what will you do if someone has given you 1600 euros to buy everything you want but only robotics stuff?

Say your opinion and say why will you choose what you choosed .(for every single thing).

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Did you pay any declaration bill ?

I’m from Norway (and we are not members of the EU) so I have to pay customs for both EU an US items. So yes I had to pay :-(

And how much was the bill ?

I mean if you paid  a declaration bill when you bought makerbot thingomatic which is being sold by an American company

"Makebot Industries" then I will have to pay too since I am in Greece which is part of EU.

Am I right?

So I including the opinion of all I decided on going for a 3d printer but what 3d printer , reprap mendel or makerbot?

Say your opionion and why you choosed what you choosed.

I have no experiance with the reprap but it seems to be more of a hassle to get a complete kit.
The Thing-O-Matic kit that I put together was a great experience. It is still a lot of work and would probably take you 5-6 evenings to assemble, but it’s great fun.
There is also a third option http://blog.ultimaker.com/2011/03/28/ultimaker-available-for-pre-order/

Well I thing that there are complete kits , in mendelparts

in botmile , in thefutureis3d and many other sites .

I dont think that this is a problem.

In my opinion this why I should go for a mendel ,cause is opensource ,has more space to print , has updated electronics while

makerbot is stuck to the third generation electronics of reprap and reprap mendel is now on 6th generation  and it is still

being developed that it means you can upgrade to the newer version and customize it to your needs.

An this is why I should go for a makerbot , cause is more user friendly its opensource too , has a more user friendly

software enviroment and has great apearanace while the reprap mendel lacks on the last three.

You have good arguments for both printers. As I said I have no experience with the mendel but from my point of view and the type of work I do, the makebot seems perfect. As I don’t want to spend a lot of time fiddling with the printer and I just want it to work.
I might upgrade the ToM sometime in the future but not just for the sake of updating.
The way it works now is perfect, and its easy to move from my desk to store somewhere else as I don’t need it online and ready all the time.
Some people spend more time upgrading and fine tuning their printer than building other fun stuff. I think it somehow boils down to what your interest is.
a) the printer itself is the hobby
b) it’s just a tool

I’m definitely a ‘b’

Then yes I will have to agree with you an be in the b category.

So I will buy a makerbot and if in the future if I have the proper money needed I will make reprap mendel myshelf and I will

need half of the money needed since I can print the printable parts in my makerbot.

So I decided about this one.

Though I need some other stuff there is a list below .

I need an ethernet shield , a bnc shield the one solarbotics sells, a gps receiver , an sd card shield , an electrode with bnc connector , some luxeon leds to light up my Aquarduino , a temperature sensor that can be made waterproof somehow, 

a breakout board for my nds touch screen , a lipo battery at 7,2 volts or greater and 2000 or greater mah , a charger/balancer for the lipo , an electronic compass , a sonar for my USV-P1 project something like the one you used  in a project of yours Geir,

and  a motor driver for my USV-P1, Im between the wild tumber motor controller and 2 of those HB25 .


While you wait for the makerbot to arrive you might read up on the assembly instructions. It’s a bit of work but a fun build. http://wiki.makerbot.com/thingomatic-doc:thingomatic-assembly-instructions It’s better to read through this without the boxes on your desk and being pumped up to start building.

On a personal note I would recommend that you go for the heated build platform instead of the automated build platform.
I started out with the automated build platform but as I’m not making a production line it was a bit of a waste. The regular heated platform seems to me to be a better starting point.
I removed the automated build belt and now work on a heated platform with several layers of heat resistant tape (part of the kit)

So it is just an adjustment and not something extra?