Let's Make Robots!

What will you do with 1600 euros.

Well my question is what will you do if someone has given you 1600 euros to buy everything you want but only robotics stuff?

Say your opinion and say why will you choose what you choosed .(for every single thing).

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The ToM kit includes three different build platforms. So it’s up to you to select the one you will be using. http://wiki.makerbot.com/thingomatic-doc:x-stage-choice

I was planning to buy it from there http://www.robomaa.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=30_33&products_id=130&zenid=hna0eprjbaq70je8cocegkn4m1

Is this kit contains all the three platforms?


The link is to a Makerbot CupCake and not the Thing-O-Matic that I have.
I would recommend the ToM as I think it’s a better printer with the stepstruder that would save you a lot of frustration and grief.
I don’t think that the CupCake has an automated build platform.

Is there a place except robosavvy to buy it from europe?

As a proud owner of a 3D printer I would highly recommend it. Apart from the material choice I can’t really see what you could build with a CNC router that you can’t make with a 3D printer (with exception of milling your own PCB’s but I’ll rather send them off to a bard house).
So if you have money to burn, go for a 3D printer!

Unless you have a workshop where to run a CNC (think loud, think dust and splinters anywhere, think loud again :)) I would go for a laser cutter or a 3d printer.

I build my CNC because that was easier and more affordable at that point, but I have to admit that for the stuff I do a 3d printer wold have been more than sufficient.

The only thing for small bots you cannot do with a 3d printer is milling pcb's so unless you want to do that get a MakerBot. 

3D printer - most every project you build could probably benefit from a small plastic thing-a-ma-bob that you could make yourself (with almost no material waste).

CNC- most useful for larger builds and complex mechanical designs.

At 3 in the morning, I'm most likely to need a small plastic thing-a-ma-bob to hold a sensor in place.  If I had a 3D printer - well, I'm in business.  If at 3 in the morning I really need a new fabricated chasis platform, well, I should just go to bed and take some drawings and cold beer to the local machine shop the next day.

I would choose a 3D printer. You can never go wrong with tools. You could build an expensive robot, but if you are like me then it will just sit in your room when it is done. So I would go with a 3D printer which you can use to make robot after robot. Plus you would have money to spare. A man is only as good as his tools. 

And why not a cnc machine ?

Well this was what "I would buy". I do not need a CNC machine, but a 3D printer would help. You could get both.