Let's Make Robots!

What will you do with 1600 euros.

Well my question is what will you do if someone has given you 1600 euros to buy everything you want but only robotics stuff?

Say your opinion and say why will you choose what you choosed .(for every single thing).

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Ok , if you have to choose between a reprap mendel 3d printer , a cnc machine like fireball v90 , a robotis bioloid premnium kit ,

and a spider what  would this be?

You only have one time to choose something and pinpoint advantages and disadvantages of the others that lead you to your choice.

Very tough...

The robot kits sound interesting but the machines are awesome as well.

I Would go for the CNC machine.

Well, a 3d printer is awesome, but a CNC machine doesn't just do plastics but wood (and hopefully metals).
The robot kits are fantastic, but the CNC machine allows you to make awesome parts yourself, which allows for more design versatility.


On the other hand

Some kind of multicopter( quadcopter, tricopter )

Android device to program for a remote control

A well stocked workplace

cad software- though if you are a student autodesk stuff is free

cnc machine

Smaller stuff

arduino mega  

lots of sensors <------


well designed mecanical system

These are a few of my pics. From my interest in robotics I have noticed that it is best to teach yourself the knowledge of making robots before you purchase parts.  


1. Maker Bot

2. CNC machine

3. Laser cutter

4. the rest of the money will be spend in parts for a spider bot or biped humanoid bot.

Ok, I know that's a lot of things and may not be affordable for 1600 Euro but that's my list when i close my eyes for a moment ;-)

Hmmm Don't have my partslist handy, but it would sum up to everything I need to build an awesome, large hexapod.

Servo's (18 or so of them, legs and head and tail assembly)
Microcontroller board (Probably an Arduino Mega or clone)
Servo controller
All materials for the body, legs, etc.

Simply because hexapods are what pulled me to robotics and it's something I've been pondering on building for quite a while, but lack the funds to get it done.

Wireless camera (eyes ) Voice recognition (half side of brain) Speakers ( I mean literally - tongue) CO2 and other sensors (nose) then some good batteries and some mechanical stuff