Let's Make Robots!

What does it take for you to call your creation ready, done?

Hi all,

It seems I never can call anything I'm working on done. I always have to fix this and that, tune this and that ... in the end I'm fixing and tuning it to the bitter end as it happened to Z39 ... it never ends I'm never really happy with it, the same as with the CNC machine. Finally I just start working on something else leaving the old project gathering dust ... just to discover it after a while and start all over again :)

So how do you guys go about this? How do you arties handle this? How about you techies? 

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Maybe you could just put an add in the adult section of Craigslist looking for a freaky chick to act as a surrogate. A lot less digging and you'd meet some interesting new people!

... that never really cross my mind I have to admit :D

I pick up stuff off the shelf from years ago-and re-engage with it. Its like keeping a 3D scrapbook. They only problem with that is the sheer volume....sheesh.

Something I think we've all struggled with. I've decided after building then pulling apart all my robot for parts, I'm going to stop doing this. My plan is to build a collection to show people ( not that I really want to or care, but it at least gives me a standard to achieve in the build). Anyway I'll let you know how it works out, most likely I will be so engrossed in my latest creation I will forget all my good intentions.

Mission accomplished!

This is what tells me that I am done with this particular project. Ok, after marked it as finished then I get another idea (like with my LMouseR) to e.g. put some light sensors on the finished bot since I found 2 LDR's in my drawer ;-)

In general a project is done for me when the main target is reached. It takes some hard decision but i don't like to have to many unfinished things around me, so I just call it DONE ;-) even if I am working on it later again...then it's called an improvement, upgrade or downgrade...if it ever comes to a version 2 then an new project is born...but no, i will not delete all the data inclusive backup and burry it in the backyard for 3 nights :-P


I actually always wanted to conceptualize this.

I once invented a .. Hmm.. I never got to name it. But let's call it a roborn.

This is a ritual that you can do, and when done, what was just a robot, is then a roborn.

You take your robot, and put it in a box of some form.

Then you dig a hole in the ground, put the box in the hole, cover it, and wait at least one night.

While this is happening, you enter your computer, and delete all files related to the robot. Completely. Inclusive backups.

You also clear your workspace for any half way done parts etc from this project.

The next day, you do nothing related to this.

One more night must pass.

Then you have the chance to think if there are anything left from the process. Clear everything.

One more night must pass.

Then you can dig up the roborn. It is whole, done, and a complete roborn robot.

Switch it on, and enjoy your masterpiece :)

Kill it, bury it, resurect it. You didn't do this at easter by any chance?   ;-)

:shudders at erasing data:

I love the roborn idea. Rik planted the notion in my head when he reviewed his angle on rebuilding Walter. I have a similar "roborn" plan for a certain project but I can't bear to think of erasing all the related data. It would be like burning down a wing of my library of alexandria.

But I got a box. And I have the plot of land picked out :)

I will consider projects done that actually do what I want them to do and look acceptable while doing it.

To that ends, none of my projects have been completed yet :\

I agree with ignoblegnome, I think it is up to deciding if you have accomplished what you set out to do. Now this is hard to say when you are building a bot that you are just going to be experimenting with. I think it is much easier to say something is done when every little part fits into the grand scheme of the project.

I have a few projects that I happy to call complete because they do what the title says. For instance my maze robot V3 solves mazes perfectly every time, my pong console plays pong, my nano sumo robot fights like a sumo robot.

I do find it hard to live by "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Some projects I want to change because I know the code could be cleaner or simpler, the build could be easier, I could switch out perfboards for acutal PCBs. So it can be tough to call something done, I think you just really need to understand what your goal was and what kind of build standards do you hold yourself to.