Let's Make Robots!

What does it take for you to call your creation ready, done?

Hi all,

It seems I never can call anything I'm working on done. I always have to fix this and that, tune this and that ... in the end I'm fixing and tuning it to the bitter end as it happened to Z39 ... it never ends I'm never really happy with it, the same as with the CNC machine. Finally I just start working on something else leaving the old project gathering dust ... just to discover it after a while and start all over again :)

So how do you guys go about this? How do you arties handle this? How about you techies? 

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It sounds like I deal with it about the same way you do. My robots could always get better, so there's always something I could be doing.

I guess it comes down to a few things:

  1. Have I accomplished everything I set out to do with this robot?
  2. Is this robot still interesting to me (and others) as it is?
  3. Realistically, will I ever get around to doing more with this robot?
  4. If I'm dissatisfied with a robot, would I rather fix it, or build something new with what I have learned?

I find when I return to a robot I've left untouched for a while, I feel pretty satisfied to bring an new update. Right now I have things I want to do to almost every robot I have (Venux, Why Tri, Penny, GRAB-E, Yard Gnome, and maybe even Blind Lemon).

At the same time, when I have a completely new idea, I want to dive into it. Everything has to compete for my attention. I may have ADD. ; j

I know the feeling. But I think it is necessary to make progress. I am never satisfied with my work.