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Please help explain this SPDT symbol

I had to kiss my ego goodbye before I posted this one. I can't believe I need to ask about an electrical symbol but... yeah.

Anyhow, I know what a SPDT symbol should resemble:

what I'm having problems with is this one:

The datasheet is succinct and I'm going with the educated guess that there are four legs for each switch (one switch = DIP4, four switches = DIP16). I can see that much in the symbol but what is going on with the connections? Where's the DT part of the thing? The SP part looks like the SPST diagram. Are there two legs connected to one of the throws maybe? Somebody here has to know for 100% certain.

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Not 100%, but here it goes...

In Position 1 (as in diagram), Left Pole OFF, Right Pole ON

In Position 2 (not shown), Left Pole ON, Right Pole OFF


Left and Right Poles move together, but always in opposite states.

It would seem that the pin without the white dot is the common pin. Ignoring the schematic, which as you point out is maddeningly unhelpful, connecting common to the non white dot pins and then your output/input to the pins with white dots.

Eureka, I didn't cue in on those. Thanks for holding my hand in the shoutbox too, brother!  XD