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Servo Routine for MSP430 LaunchPad

Has anyone written (or seen) a short simple program that I can build on for PWM servo control using the MSP430 launchpad?

Just someting basic and simple; easy to follow.



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I would recommend checking out 43oh.com or checking the TI site itself. The TI site has several examples and documents that would be helpful for what you are looking for. Basically though it'll have to do with using the timer and compare functionality. I've not tried this myself as I had not planned on using the servo, but I've seen quite a bit of info out there.

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This has likely already been answered, but I did PWM on a F149 back a decade ago...

The beauty of the MSP430 series of controllers is that (asside from pin assignments), the code that works for one (like the F149 that I used), will work for a F169, F449, etc..

I also dont't recall it being that difficult.  You basically configure a port and timer for PWM, then change the value of a CC register to alter the pulse width... 

I googled for "msp430 pwm code example in c" and immediatly got the example at:



Hope this helps...