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LMR series of PCB's

I think that LMR should have its own series of circuit boards, with the designs open source for all LMR'ians to use. Heres a couple ideas for PCB's:

  • SN754410 Board
  • Small Encoder boards
  • Various control boards for PIC, PICAXE, AVR, Arduino, etc

After finally getting a decent laser printer, i'm able to produce PCB's of excellent quality with traces as small as one hundredth of an inch. There are of course minor flaws but all boards are operationally sound. I am willing to produce PCB's for all LMRians for very, very low prices, and circuit test and a microscope evaluation of the board. I can even solder on any SMD components if needed. I guess what this forum is about, is ideas for PCBs for LMR'ians. I have created a couple boards already that I can post, such as a couple PIC controller boards, a Motor Control board and a Li-Ion battery charger board.

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You mean the silkscreen?

An image we can import into the board itself, black and white so we can etch it into the pcb.

That's what I'm talking about. A black/white image that can be imported on the copper or silk screen. Like SparkFun's flame logo.

Yes, the logobot does not make for a good silkscreen but it might work. The bigger the better of course. This is a standard 50% threshold bitmap @ 200x200 pixel res. version of the bot (1" square):

this one is 1/2" square


The 1/2" looks real small in EAGLE, but hey, something is better than nothing!

This will work great!

Very nice. If you want to use the EAGLE import or something else that needs .bmp or whatever let me know, I can get them for you.

Eagle 5.11 has import-bmp, The 2nd revision of the SN754410 board now has a LMR logo and pull up resistors.

Nice! I want to see that!

If you guys decide to go ahead and supply boards to us users, where will they be available? In the States?