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LMR series of PCB's

I think that LMR should have its own series of circuit boards, with the designs open source for all LMR'ians to use. Heres a couple ideas for PCB's:

  • SN754410 Board
  • Small Encoder boards
  • Various control boards for PIC, PICAXE, AVR, Arduino, etc

After finally getting a decent laser printer, i'm able to produce PCB's of excellent quality with traces as small as one hundredth of an inch. There are of course minor flaws but all boards are operationally sound. I am willing to produce PCB's for all LMRians for very, very low prices, and circuit test and a microscope evaluation of the board. I can even solder on any SMD components if needed. I guess what this forum is about, is ideas for PCBs for LMR'ians. I have created a couple boards already that I can post, such as a couple PIC controller boards, a Motor Control board and a Li-Ion battery charger board.

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PCB idea list, please suggest ideas so we may add to it:
1 Amp Motor Driver
Arduino Shields
PIC/AVR/ARM/Parallax controllers
     These boards can have the pins broke out for easy interfacing, such as ADC, PWM GPIO grouped to gether.

Standard features on the control boards should feature I2C, RS232, 2x5 headers for the ports to be broken out into, ADC, PWM, switchable voltage supply, such as 3.3v, 5v 12v

Alright, I copied this from the SB....

 I would suggest a board list of what could be useful in terms of what would be a useful design for LMR, a review group and maybe a test group for testing initial boards. Also design best practices, parts lists so that we can keep the parts semi consistant....
I have a small list of parts that I could post plus some stuff I've been looking at ordering.