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MY "Start Here" Robot...

Whatever I want it to

I thought I should make a "Start Here" robot, so I did!

When I built the control board, I included an EEPROM, IR remote, 2 trimmer pots and wired the motor driver to the PWM outputs so I should have quite a bit of room in terms of code-play. To be honest, I have no idea what I am going to have it do, but again, all options are open with what I included on the board. For now, just a simple slide/spin code to drive around.




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This seams more like an "End here" project :D

Nice progress, dude!!

Say, what sensors are you using to detect the wheel marks?
This is what I am using. I'm sure the one that BOA is showing will work just fine, I am using the one I am showing in the first comment.
nice, gonna add a a couple of these to my SF order then!
You mentioned in the video that you got the third wheel from a model airplane store.  Did you build the caster for it so it could move freely, or did it come like that?  I'm looking for a simple third wheel like that for my bot.

Nope, I bought the wire (called piano wire) the collets and the brass tube all seperatly. The copper is a little scrap I had and I simply bent it in my vise and drilled a couple holes. After that I just scuffed it up with a little scotch-brite and soldered it with my gas-powered iron to the brass tube. --It works great! almost no friction.

This is not to say you can't buy ready-made tail wheels and brackets, it's just that the shop only had big ones.

Hey Chris, love the bot (a little after the fact, i know),

How did you get the IR remote to work? I remember reading in one of your comments somewhere that you used the RadioShack IR module. Did you use the circuit shown in the manual?

I hope your still working on this little bot. Seems pretty cool with the encoders. Do some mapping or something.
I think the code for this bot is pretty good, it knows exactly how much it needs to turn, perfect example at 2:05. Does it use a "if object detected to left turn to the right until no object detected" type of code or a more complicated program where it actually calculates how much it needs to turn and does so in advance?

wats actually in the project box for ur robot. i no u encoders which u can buy them at pololu.com (las vegas), and the gm3s too.

but wat else.