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My big remote control MEGA+XBee

This is the XBee remote control done by a guy who basically just know put everything together with not much electronic. Yep, please go easy on me for this one. All I do really just put everything together so my device looks huge and mess with all these big fat wires running around.

Here is the list I used:

Arduino Mega,
Mega shield,
XBee 1,
2 joysticks,
2 slider?
3" LCD,
900Mhz Wireless reciever,
buttons and some switchs and one 11.1V lipo battery.

The protocol is still under development. I haven't really figure out how to do multitask in Arduino. What I did is to send a Array which looks like this:

Robots side has to analyze the array and assign the value into proper outputs motors, servos or whatever.

Also I am trying to see if devices could send some value back from sensor to remote. Still working on it thou.

If anyone has better idea or inputs are more than welcome. Thanks for watching ;)

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A little explanation on how you dealt with the 3" LCD,arduino and xbee ? Did you use xbee to transmit the video signals to arduino ?

I am not a professional. LCD is actually separate from system. I just put a wireless receiver in the controller to receive the signal from transmitter on robot. Simple :P

Where did you get the LCD? Does it come with the RCA connectors to directly connect it to the wireless camera receiver?


It's very common LCD display on Ebay. Just search for 3" TFT LCD...you can find a lot of them. Just take out the shell and mount on controller.

hi,your project is very good!

is possession possible some scheme on as to put together the various electronic componetis?(xbee 1;arduino;ecc)
I am now leaning out me in this field

thanks for your time

This is amazing !