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My first SHR robot....

Navigate around via sharp IR

This is my first robot...a simple SHR. I connected a 7 segments LED mounted on a small breadboard. the LED display "G" when its going forward and "S" when it stops ans starts looking for another way. i actually didn't have a certain shape.....so i kinda improvised..:)

btw....the vids maybe not that clear...i took it with my ipad2


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It looks like it REALLY wants to drive off that table.

Nice addition with the 7 segment, gives it a nice personal touch!

When your robot looks around, it turns left and right before making a decision. How do you do that? Really good robot by the way, I can't see any wires hanging out or anything.

That's pretty much standard 'start here' robot code. Take a look at the top menu of the site where it says, 'Start Here'.

Oh, ok. Thanks. I'll take another look.
Thanks, ignoblegnome is right.....it's an SHR code...just added the 7 segment code to it. But the weird thing the dangerlevel number in the code gets bigger when my hand gets closer to the Sharp IR, so I changed that.
That's just a basic code but changed a bit to make it how you like?
Yes, exactly

I like the 7-segment display. Neat idea. You can probably have some fun with that.

The videos are nice and clear, but it is weird seeing a wide-screen format flipped on its end!

Ya I know it is weird, am still tryin to figure out why :p