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This is my Roverbot.  He is a very simple robot, all he does is basically what the "Start Here" robot does, but with a casca tankbot chassis, an arduino, and a custom motor/servo driver board.

There is also 1 tiny innovation in his code, I made a very small circular buffer to record his last 10 decisions, which I use to prevent him from oscillating back and forth when he drives into a narrow dead end (he will instead just turn around ~180).

Also, I built his gearbox with the really high ratio so he is super slow, so I might rebuild it with the lower ratio to make him faster.

Code is attached for your downloading pleasure...

 Update - 12/18/2008

Roverbot had his gearbox rebuilt with the lower ratio, so he is faster now, but I need to update his timing constant in the code to make him not run into stuff as much.  Also, I have had some breakage issues with his chassis, the acrylic is very brittle, I wish it were lexan instead, that stuff is nearly unbreakable.  Will post a new vid soon-ish once I update his code...

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Well thought out program, does a good check over obstacles.

your comment made me want to take a look at the code....and when looking at it I found this...

//this should NEVER happen


I don't know how many times I"ve put something similar in mine...

I had to lol....


heh yeh i wrote that code pretty quickly, having looked over similar code and considered the logic of what I wanted it to do, I iterated on a it a little bit, just to iron out some of the bugs, but didn't clean it up or refactor it much, i'm usually just so tired after coding all day at work!  Many of the constants still aren't quite right, but I think the basic behaviors are there...