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3D Scanner

Line Laser scans object while recording position of laser with software. Allows capture of 3D object into software.

Intended for use with David Laser Scanner software. After completing the CNC machine, I decided to build a scanner using my new machining ability. Using an Arduino and the EasyDriver v4.3, I am controlling 2 stpper motors. 1) moves a line laser across subject. 2) rotates object to scan new face. 4) profit. I have it assembled for basic use (6-18-11), however between the laser and the stepper, I am not getting the resolution I want from the scan.

I will be upgrading the laser, but also upgrading the stepper to a Nema17 with planetary gear reduction (about 100:1). As such, I have about 300$ remaining before I can call this one done. Hopefully afterwards I can capture good scans for export through CAD/CAM to my pending 3D printer.

Scan Result


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Congrats! Cool project. What type of laser is that?

Is it a special laser for 3d scanning?

Do you think servos would do the job?

A servo may work, IDK. A servo would likely perform well on the platform, as it only rotates in 90deg increments.

With a stepper I can control how fast it moves, which was important for the laser. With the EasyDriver (sparkfun.com) I can move the stepper in micro staps, and write a little more delay beyond that.

The Laser is just a cheap Ebay line laser. At this stage I just wanted to put the pieces together and see if they work right. The design alone went through many revisions as they software changed the requirements.

Speed, Camera, and Laser all contribute to the resolution of the scanned image. The laser I have now is too thick, and the speed is still a little fast (even though the video shows it at 2x speed).

I found a resource at anaheimautomation.com. They sell a stepper with a gear reduction box which will give me a slower pass.

I also found a resource in the states for a better laser. David LaserScanner sells laser, but doesn't appear to ship to the states.


Laserglow has a 2.5mm adjustable laser I hope will provide the resolution I want (especially at 209$!)



Awesome project great for creating 3D models for games ect..

A little more tinkering and I bet it will work perfectly.

Keep it up.


Thank you, I hope to have the last upgrades by august. Then it should be operating to my expectations.

ouaouuuuu perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you very much :-)

Wow. 3D scanning combined with 3D printing on things like the MakerBot Thing O'Matic and others is going to change the landscape of DIY!

totally the direction I am going. My budget allows for the TOM during the first quarter 2012. I can not wait!!!