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AT-MFTR Mutant

After a long period of inactivity after the failure to get my Atom-R1 project completed (due to it being too heavy for the largest motors I could install in its 'legs'), a new project!

Jaycar currently have these little beauties on sale. So armed with my credit card and a lot of enthusiasm I purchased two.

The plan? Not quite fully developed but will consist of linking two of the AT-MFTR's together.

May end up being Wifi controlled and have a lo-res camera.

Have assembled one base unit and wired remote to do basic mobility tests.

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Extremely cool looking vehicle!
A pitty they come all the way from NZ, ordering anything than local is p. hard without a credit card.

Will post some photos soon of the disassembled unit(s) with ruler to give idea of size.



No reviews there yet, but I will probably order one soon =)