Let's Make Robots!


Navigate around, sings

  • 2 DIY IR proximity sensors.
  • 1 Light dependent resistor
  • 1 l293d motor driver
  • 1 atmega328 with arduino bootloader
  • small speaker
  • tamiya gearbox + tank treads
  • bump switch
  • some code

Feel free to ask questions, im sorry, i always cant find the effort to write about stuff i make, i need to hire someone to do that :P



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I like it!!  Congrats  ;)

Love the PCBs keep it up!

I love it! How did you program the sound with the arduino? 

Tone.h library allows for RTTTL tones.

That's an awesome little robot! Thanks for sharing. 

I have been following JAX's 2"x2" PICAXE based uBotino copy. CtC mentioned he should avoid right angles as they could cause noise. Not that you are having an issue with noise. Just sayin.

In a application like mine, it should not be a problem at all. but in circuits were their exists wireless transmitting, high frequency and any other sensitive elements, it should be avoided but also not that critical.

Do you mind posting your code and schematic?

I will once i tidy them up.

cool little tank love it.