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Vote for LMR users over at instructables contest

I entered my "pong" project into the instructables LED contest. If you are a member of instructables and like my project then you can vote for my project here http://www.instructables.com/contest/led2011/?show=ENTRIES&sort=RECENT&limit=18&offset=36 There is no direct link for the voting so you will have to find my project on that page.

Jad Berro also entered his project named "My Vario" which currently is the first one on this page http://www.instructables.com/contest/led2011/?show=ENTRIES&sort=RECENT&limit=18&offset=108

You can vote for however many projects you like over there.




UPDATE 6.23.11

Jad and I are finalists :) Thank you everyone for your votes! The judging will end June 27th.


UPDATE 7.18.11

Voting time for another contest, the Make It Move contest. 

Here are LMR users in it.










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Voted for both of us :) Thanks for the pointer Patrick ! I completely forgot about this one.

It looks that there are other cool contests coming on:

I hope we have some good LMR entries there, too!

I entered pong into the microcontroller and toy one. People of LMR, Enter your projects!

I entered too with Wobbly.


Good luck to both.


You both got my vote. Good luck!

Voted, best of luck to both of you!