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I Found Some Awesome Joysticks

Just a quick heads-up.

I found quite possibly the most awesome collection of joysticks around. I have yet to get my hands on one, but man --they look good, nice mounting and multi-multi axis. Some of them are X-Y, some are X-Y and button and some are X-Y button AND twist!

Very cool.

They are here at ServoCity.

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...something like a wii-mote or standard computer joystick - both fairly excessible and the latter would have room for extra buttons, blinky lights, processing boards, transmitters and so on.


@flokos - The Jackal?

I may buy one of those , I like the idea of twisting the joystick it reminds me a movie what was it ?

with a guy and a remote controlled machine gun /sniper and when he wanted to zoom he was twisting

the joystick .

Excellent!!! Now I can replace that PS2 joystick~