Let's Make Robots!

Hello World!

Hello evrybody!

I am so happy to be a member of LMR, I will post all my robot projects soon.

But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

I started making robots almost two years ago, it was summer break and I was bored. The main reason I started is I like physics and programming and I thought robots are the best way of combining the two. And it's fun. I started making robots and I will NEVER stop. I want to learn more and more and that's what I do with every project I build.

I make robots with Arduino. The reason I use Arduino is: it is easy to program, and it easely interacts with many kinds of hardware like sensors, controllers, input/oitput devices and  mamy other things. Plus, Arduino is the chip that I started programming on and I made my first robot on it. I haven't tried other chips yet but I am for shure going to. I especially want to try Picaxe and NETDuino.

Once again, I am very happy to be a part of LMR. 

Thank you.

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I just posted my first robot guys. :)


I just saw that the time on the comments is not right... or it just makes no sense:)) because we are all in different places in the world.

... both of you :)


Yeah, this looks like a really good website. It's taught me a lot already. After one week I now think that I could build and program a basic robot pretty easily.

Ditto. BTW, Razvan sounds Romanian, are you?

Yes. I am Romanian. I moved to Florida 2 years ago. Are you from Romania too?

Oh, and BTW< i saw someone else from Romania.... you know the one with the CNC and the wooden tracked robot?

There are several romanians on this site, I'm one of them, curently living in Toronto. Funny thing, today I was visited by another romanian LMR fellow, Sebathorus. It's nice when you meet someone you knew for years from the forums, in real life. Cool! Who's next? TinHead? Cr0c0? Might be, when I'll go visit my relatives in Ro.

That was me ... tizule ;)

Haha.  Nice. Foarte tare robotu ala. Mi-am facut si eu un cnc, dar e mare( 4ft pe 8ft) si o sa-mi fac si onu mic de pus pe birou... pentru electronice si dastea... 

Misto CNC BTW.

Dar hai sa respectam regulile si sa o tinem pe engleza 

(Let's respect the rules and keep things to english :))