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Rover Robot

The rover drives around avoiding obstacles using the PING))) ultrasound rangefinder.

So this is my first robot report. It's on the first robot I built too. To say it from the beginning, I'm sorry I didn't put the LMR loge on my videos but I made them before joining LMR... I'll put the Logo on all the future videos. This was my first robot, and I say was because I had to take it apart so I can use the parts for other projects. That's what I do with all my projects because I don't have enough parts to leave them in every project, plus, they are kinda expensive. Especially the Arduinos. For building it I bought an Arduino Mega, a PING))), a DFRobot mobile developing platform, which comes with the 4 dc motors, a quad DCmotor controller, some breadboards, and, of course, wires :). Because it was my first attempt of building a robot, I didn't know how to make it, so I didn't know how to connect the motor controller to the Arduino. I think that was the hardest part for me. It's not an Arduino shield, I didn't even know what a shield was at the time... So I had to figure out how to hook it up. It had a description page but every pin had a weird code instead a name. After some 4 hours of trying to find out how the circuit works using my multimeter I finally got it. It was quite simple. I guess it's always hard the first time till you figure it out. After that, I made a code for the robot just to go forward, and it worked. I was so excited that I got it working so I went on making a more complex code. Then I came time to put on the PING))) rangefinder because the robot just going around the house was getting boring so I had to put some eyes on it so it could see. The PING))) was pretty easy to connect to the Arduino, since it only has 3 pins: GND, VIN, and SIGNAL. So I used the ping example in the Arduino software to make it work, and it did. I was getting the distance in the serial monitor. Then I modified the code to light up different LEDs depending on the distance, and after that, I incorporated the code in the main code with the motors and made the robot avoid obstacles. Watch the videos to see how it was doing. So after that I just kept on modifying the code to make it more accurate and to solve bugs here and there. I can send the code to whoever is interested but I'm pretty sure everyone has a pretty good idea on how to make. Tell me if oyu want the code anyway, I'll be happy to share it.

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I could use a copy of your code for my rover.



Hey dude, I'll send u an email with the code but it's kinda messy, I mean it does not have comments so u'r gonna have to figure out where to put the wires. I used a strange kind of motor controller... and.... you'll see, if you can figure out, then great. And, good luck!

thanks, Having a hard time with my version, maybe I can get some hints from your code


great job, razvan. the moodlight is really cool!

Thanks, Janson. 

Thanks Mark!

I will post the other projects soon :)

Congrats on the first robot! It looks like a great robot. Keep up the good work.