Let's Make Robots!

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I've been offline quite some time, and for several months my website (with n00b0t files) has been down. Some guys warned me and now it's up again.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

BTW,Merry Chistmas!

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Amazing job man, it looks like it would definitly kick some butt at some competitions. I am also making a line follower. Could you tell me what the gear ratio is on those motors?

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I've tested with 56:1 & 30:1.


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Hi all,

Just to say I've updated n00b0t site with several sketches and  new 1.20 media.

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Frits is experimenting with a new LMR Members Shop. You may want to post a link to this page there.

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Wow, I love the super clean one board design! What kind of projects do you normally do? Also two questions : What is the reason for the sensors just in front of the wheels? And it looks like you have Pololu motors what ratio are those?

Thanks Very impressive!

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The side sensors are designed to detect turn signals/markers (they are quite common in european competitions):


Regarding motors, you could use any 12mm Sanyo 12GN NAXX type micromotor you want (not only Pololu ones). I bought the  56.8:1 ones here.

BTW, thank you everybody for your comments!

Absolutely amazing work!
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Not only is the robot great, but you lay tape down like a mastah!

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That's not tape, but a plotted CorelDraw design. :)

BTW, here you have a couple of them (in PDF):