Let's Make Robots!

Monkey vs Robot

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Yep, that's a pretty strange one. Lots more of different types, some touching, some just plain weird like this.
What a frigging strange piece of media.

Someone was inhaling magic smoke and came up with the idea to make this video. A producer (inhaling the same smoke) thought it was a  brilliant idea and put some of his money in it. When they were nearly done shooting this bizar cinematic, they came to their senses and forgot to tell us who wins.

The brilliant minds at LMR know who wins off course.


P.S. Magic-smoking is bad for your health and results in weird videos. 

You get it by shorting out various electrical components. It leads to brilliant ideas and waste of parts.

Stange? It makes sense the regulars of this site do not understand this video.  It's the same anti-luddite, pro-technology ideology that can not fathom the deep sense of struggle between a balanced natural being and the sterile emotionless future.

....that and my money was on the monkey...  


Sorry, no more magic smoke for me....