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PIC tutor board

Helps new PIC users learn the basics

The PIC tutor board features everything a beginning PIC learner needs. It features the 18F1320 Microcontroller, 4 ADC lines, 6 LED's, connections for a Motor controller and software Serial Support. You can also attach buttons and a LCD if needed. It's fairly small and is powered by an external 5V supply.

The PIC 18F1320 features an internal oscillator, removing the external crystal part of the circuit. The 18F1330 is pin compatible with the 18F1320, and features PLL, which quadruples the oscillator speed from 8MHz to 32MHz. All pins are broken out so if you do not need the onboard features, there is ample opportunity to use this board as needed. If you would like one of these PIC tutor boards, please send me an email, I can provide the full board