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$2 Elfish computer "BlueTooth" Upgrade

For the cost of 4 resistors and a $1.80 Bluetooth dongle - your Propeller chip can join the wireless environment.

....again the Propeller chip just bowls me over with its amazing capabilities.....

For more details of how to accomplish this....... zip over to Elizabeth Scotts site

EDIT :- Now confirmed working with 2$ dealextream Bluetooth Dongle.

.... also installed the PS2 mouse and keyboard inputs ..... also just a couple of resistors.


And here are the additional Stereo Audio outputs ........

.... and Video out and normal programming USB

Why all this fuss you may ask..........

....... well it means that at last i can program some "Apps" into my Android using the "Android ADK environment"

In addition to your app .... the propeller BlueTooth has to be "Paired" and "Connected" to the Android..........

Here is my simple "Start Here Robot" App ........ Left-Right-Forward-Backward-speedbar,textbar,&2 spare buttons

When i press the "Right" button then its sent over the BlueTooth serial tube to the propeller board (as the letter R) .... propeller then sends back the value to the Android and displayed to the screen as a handshake.....

Next .......... Wheels........

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congrats on the project of the week at parallax :)

Tnx for the "Wave" .... proves even the smallest things count ......Well done "Elves"



would you say learning spin is hard?


"Spin" is easy and structured (not as messy as arduino ,however more complex than picaxe - "thats just my feeling") -

The IDE is informative and bugs easily found (and made), and help menu is very well documented with loads of examples to work from. It comes with a serial monitor which also is easy to use.

What is super cool is the use of Objects ...... in the Bluetooth example here i have used object files that the author made (bit like libraries in Arduino) these object files are written in spin so are dead easy and open for tweaking (not so easy with arduino)

Another plus+++ factor is you can write 8 programs all running their own separate routines, with the ability to share each others variables....... (this is shear luxury and allows you to be lazy programming..... cant fault it ;-)

This must be Borg'd in !


A simple MRL (Quazzy BlueToothed) serial tube - with a debug (hookon) serial sniffer Gui -(ie for live data viewing)     I<Ö>I

(Just for those with young Efline ears :- my BlueTooth connection looks and acts like a simple (but blindingly fast 115200 baud) serial link - therefore MRL would not need any BlueTooth stacks etcetc - just easy no fuss com port connection)

Ya... But is phone or puter the preferred controller?  Both perhaps?

Back and forth data chatter is supported over serial... http://letsmakerobots.com/node/27653 - that was 115K over 2 different com ports.

Blue Sky's the limit... What do you want to do ?

BlueTooth-smartphone possibilities :-

My eyes are wide open at momo .... meaning no definitive project ...... however an even wider eyed realisation that smart phones have already many (readable) sensors and connectivities! built in ...... (assuming the smartphone is velcro_ed to your robot and attached to USB port)

  1. BlueTooth
  2. WiFi, internet access (twitter,email,etcetcetc)
  3. GPS - compass - heading , altitude
  4. Time-date
  5. accelerometers , gyro
  6. Touchscreen interface
  7. camera

All the smartphone (programmed by internal java code) would need to do is spit out the appropriate serial (sensor) data.... MRL would sit and listen , display - change - sendback to smartphone either for local display or even user interaction.

When its not velcro_ed to your robot then it offers amazing remote (touchscreen-or gyro vector) control possibilities, either direct or via MRL .....

Smart phone prices are declining, so my feeling is there will be a greater rising interest in the robot arena...


This is just the big picture - smartphones are vastly underused - a simple serial link is all that is needed :-

Robot :- "Gees it hot in here"........ Response :- sends his temperature sensor reading (50°C) serially over Buetooth link to MRL

MRL :- " Hello Robo Friend, I see your running a little hot" .....Response :- send serial >turn on cooling fan< on COM link to BlueTooth module >>>>>> to Robot.

Robot :- ......contemplates ......"Why did i not think of that".......  (only the super talented MRL knows the answer to that one)      

What can I do to connect the elvish communication tubes ?!?!