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$2 Elfish computer "BlueTooth" Upgrade

For the cost of 4 resistors and a $1.80 Bluetooth dongle - your Propeller chip can join the wireless environment.

....again the Propeller chip just bowls me over with its amazing capabilities.....

For more details of how to accomplish this....... zip over to Elizabeth Scotts site

EDIT :- Now confirmed working with 2$ dealextream Bluetooth Dongle.

.... also installed the PS2 mouse and keyboard inputs ..... also just a couple of resistors.


And here are the additional Stereo Audio outputs ........

.... and Video out and normal programming USB

Why all this fuss you may ask..........

....... well it means that at last i can program some "Apps" into my Android using the "Android ADK environment"

In addition to your app .... the propeller BlueTooth has to be "Paired" and "Connected" to the Android..........

Here is my simple "Start Here Robot" App ........ Left-Right-Forward-Backward-speedbar,textbar,&2 spare buttons

When i press the "Right" button then its sent over the BlueTooth serial tube to the propeller board (as the letter R) .... propeller then sends back the value to the Android and displayed to the screen as a handshake.....

Next .......... Wheels........

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This little guy you call Elfish you made it yourself or you bought it from somewhere and from where ?

and another one .

Is it possible to programm  the propeller through the bluetooth module you 've got  on it ?

Its a home brew ......

One of these PropStick USBs placed into a 40pin ic socket and soldered diskdrive IDE sockets both sides as mini breadboard connectors for experimentation.

I have not looked into remote programming yet, though there is a lot documented over at the parralax forums.

I have had a real grass is greener moment on this one... I have been watching this guy being built up and added to, all the while wanting to do something similar myself. Then I realized that I already have it! Yes, I wanted what I already had. --You know, even music you own sounds better from someone else's stereo.

Yeah, my new transmitter project has a BT module, Keyboard and mouse inputs, audio and TV out. Why in the world am I not playing with it? I sorta finished all the "Walter routines" and kinda stopped. You have inspired me to keep adding features.

I think maybe tonight, I will code a word processor. Type it up, send via BT into a processing app and into a TXT file. Hmmm, maybe I should play with some twitter stuff. --I find myself doing a lot of "grunt work" in terms of code for Walter --Can't forget to stop and play every once and a while.

Parallel synergy ...... thats wot we have got......lets "mow" it before the "other" LMRer wakes up....

..... plan here with the Elfish PC is to develop a universal "Heart" for multiple projects ..... (-: you can only play with one at a time :-)